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9-25-2008: Hayley and Jeri Interview Motion City Soundtrack about The Rentals
Hayley and Jeri

Today Motion City Soundtrack released their cover of “Waiting” by The Rentals.  You can stream it on Soundcloud.

I first learned of this cover in 2008, while interviewing members of the band for my college radio show, Penguins in the Desert (2006-2009).  As fans of both The Rentals and Motion City Soundtrack at the time, my cohost, HayleyFiasco and I were delighted to see The Rentals listed as an influence of MCS on their MySpace page (pictured here) so we asked them about it…

 Attached above is an excerpt from our interview with Motion City Soundtrack’s Jesse Johnson (Moog) and Tony Thaxton (Drums), where Tony first broke news about recording the cover a few months prior.

The cover is cool, we’ve been waiting (no pun intended) four years to hear it, but not everyone in the band was as excited about it then as they are now. Take a listen to the minute-long clip and hear for yourself. Or read the transcript here.

As a bonus, here is our Station ID from The Rentals!