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9/25/2008 Motion City Soundtrack Interview Transcript (The Rentals)

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  • Penguins in the Desert: You guys are influenced by The Rentals, and I know they have a lot of moogs and synths and stuff… Do guys have a favorite Rentals' song, or is there a story about a favorite memory or anything?
  • Jesse Johnson (Moog): I think you're renting…. renting? (laughs) you're renter-viewing. I think you're interviewing two people that… me personally, I don't actually like The Rentals (laughs). Tony, do you?
  • Tony Thaxton (Drums): Yeah I do.
  • Jesse: Oh. Then Tony...
  • Tony: Yeah, I always liked The Rentals. I'm not like a gigantic Rentals fan or anything but I do like them. We actually recorded a cover of "Waiting" and I don't know what is ever going to happen with that. It was supposed to be for something that I probably shouldn't disclose because I don't know, maybe it will still happen. So, we all like that song and I know that we talked about different songs of doing and we ended up on that one. It's just a simple fun song and the cover turned out cool but I don't know, hopefully it will be heard some day by someone. So yeah, that's kind of a personal favorite of mine.